Quality Takes Time

Come in and try our signature Chicago Style Deep Dish Pan Pizza. It’s more of everything you love about pizza, more cheese, more toppings, more sauce and a thick, rich tasting crust. Put it all together and you need more of only one thing – baking time. While the dough is rising, cheese is melting and the tomato sauce is sizzling, try our thirst quenching domestic and craft beers.

Corporate Dining

We recognize in today’s market the corporate community is faced with food service decisions on a regular basis and their requirements go far beyond the capabilities of chain restaurants that offer only 'In-House' Dining. Our Catering Service, Delivery Service and ability to host Corporate Meetings, Parties and other Events allows us to fulfill those requirements.

There Is A Shortcut

Feel free to call ahead with your pizza order and when you arrive, your pizza will be in our ovens cooking and your wait will be shorter while you enjoy our ambiance. If you have children, they will really appreciate our oversized TVs, buzzing atmosphere and all the special services that Felix & Oscar’s offers. (Please Note – Orders called in ahead do not guarantee immediate seating.)